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Life As a Musician

Back in the days Hip-hop and Rap used to be carried by a different definition than what we see today! LowLA Scott is on a mission to bring back what she calls "Real Rap"(LowLA Scott, 2020). As a freestyling, battle rapping lyricist, LowLA is always ready to jump in the ring and prove herself as someone who really loves music. It all started with her father who is no longer with us, Red Dog of Platinum Pitt Productions and her mother Charray from LA, California who exposed her to music as well as her oldest brother John-John and middle brother Andre who she has been tragically affected after his passing away who were also strong influences on her musical carrier. She was in many choirs including competition choir in middle School as well as composing songs for various churches in the city of Moreno valley where she spent most of her youth. There is so much to know about the life of LowLA Scott and her message is loud and clear through her music. LowLA is a only God fearing, proud mother of 2(son Nehemiah Scott 2012, daughter Aliyah White'Scott 2018) Female Rapper who takes the rap game just as serious as her Street life so watch out CUZZ LOWLA'S GOT A BURNER!!!!


LowLA's Logic:

"If yesterday could be today, just for 1day I'd spend it with you, I'm sorry that I didn't know today would be your last day, no warning calls no heads up please hear me Lord, tomorrow's gone no turning back to yesterday" With Love LowLA Scott ENT.


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